Sunday, 22 April 2012

They Totally Can Help

Beautiful Sundays are never missed in my home. Today it was 23 degrees and the sun was shining. Coming off of yesterdays blog, I wanted to show you just how much a little 3 year old can do! Today Anthony and I had some big plans. We have this old bench in the corner of our yard that was looking kind of sad and lonely and needed some loving. Last night I asked Anthony what he could do to make the bench look better. He said he would like to paint it blue. So we did! I took him out to Rona and together we learned all about wood stains and brushes. We picked up an indigo blue stain and headed home with our paint brushes in hand.

I was ready to toss this bench until my son convinced me to keep it. He said he needed it to read books on.  So I decided to give the bench another summer.

Now I am not advocating giving your children paint brushes and going crazy in the house renovations. This was a great outdoor project with adult supervision. This old bench was destined for the dumps so it didn't matter to me what the end result would be. I just wanted Anthony to have fun along the way and be proud of something he had worked on.  

The whole process took about 1 hour and required 2 coats of stain. His patience through it all was amazing. He was also very proud of his work. I kept giving constant positive feedback throughout the whole hour. Reassuring him that his work was so appreciated and so well done. He took so much pride in every stroke. I was really excited at the end result. His vision for a blue bench to read on was really totally looked great after! A blue bench...who woulda thought!

As our day continued, Anthony helped clean up all the summer patio furniture and plant a tree. There was so much learning going on! We even googled the best way to plant a tree and read all about it together!  In everything we do we can find ways to include our children. There is so many missed opportunities for learning! I would love to hear how this has changed you over the last couple blogs and how you plan to include you toddler in special projects! please share!

So how do toddlers learn at home? here is a list:

  1. Through observation and watching what you are doing
  2. They love to listen to our conversations and pick up more then you can imagine
  3. Asking a lot of "WHY?"
  4. Trying new things
  5. Copying a sibling or parent
  6. Helping out with simple chores that are fun for them (take out trash, sweep, sorting laundry)
  7. They need to practice what they learn 
  8. Through positive guidance children learn to be confident
  9. They can learn a lot by having a pet (even something small and simple like a fish)
  10. They will mirror who you are! Love them, care for them and they will do the same to others.
Have a lovely evening, I am exhausted!

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